How to purchase and use pesticides scientifically and rationally

Pesticides are important agricultural means of production and play an irreplaceable role in increasing food production, providing effective agricultural products, and increasing farmers' income. Therefore, how to select and use pesticides scientifically and reasonably is one of the knowledge that farmers' friends must master. It can effectively prevent the proliferation of counterfeit and inferior pesticides, reduce unnecessary losses, and achieve the purpose of increasing production and income.

First, science buy pesticides

Before purchasing pesticides, read the labels of pesticides carefully, and select the appropriate pesticides according to the principle of “informed products and medicines for symptomatic purchase”.

1. Look at the name: Starting from July 1, 2008, pesticides no longer use only common names or simplified common names with product names. Special attention should be paid to seeing whether the effective name, content and dosage form marked on the label below the name of the pesticide.

2. Look at the "three certificates" number: Refers to the pesticide registration number, product standard number, and production approval number. Only the pesticide registration certificate is directly issued for the imported pesticides.

3, see the scope of use: First, according to the need to control the selection of labels and the applicable crops and control objects consistent with the pesticide. The second is to verify whether the pesticide application method is suitable for its own use. Third, when there are several products available for selection, priority should be given to selecting products with less amount, low toxicity, small residue, and good safety.

4, to see the net content, production date and validity period: the pesticide label should be marked on the date of production and batch number; validity period; product weight (net content).

5, look at product appearance and label: First, observe the appearance of the product. The second is to observe the appearance of the product's packaging and labels. The third is to observe whether the content of the label is complete.

6, look at the price: the price of pesticides and active ingredients and content, product quality and packaging specifications, etc., to a comprehensive analysis, not easy to greedy urine.

Second, the rational use of pesticides

1. Select varieties: Select the appropriate pesticide species for different control objects.

2, the preparation of pesticides: First, calculate the dosage. The second is dispensing (pesticide diluted with water, pesticides such as soil and sand should be separated from each other). The third is to pay attention to dispensing safety.

3, the use of pesticides: First, grasp the medication period. The second is to grasp the amount of medication and water consumption. The third is to choose good performance of the spraying equipment. Fourth, pay attention to rotating medication. Fifth, strict compliance with the safety interval regulations.

4, security protection: First, check whether the medication is intact. Second, wear protective equipment. Third, pay attention to the safety during application. Fourth, we must master the knowledge of poisoning first aid. Fifth, it is necessary to properly clean the spraying equipment.

5, safe storage: First, minimize storage and storage time. The second is to store it in a safe and suitable place. Third, there should be a complete, firm and clear label on the stored pesticide packaging.

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