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The AABB Technical Guide has provisions for temperature:
血液 After the blood is collected, it needs to be cooled to 1-6 ° C; unless it is prepared at room temperature, it is not necessary to cool the blood to below 20 ° C. Red blood cells need to be placed at a temperature of 1-6 °C within 8 hours after blood collection.
Ÿ If blood needs to be transported from the collection site to the ingredient processing laboratory, the cooling capacity of the area for temporary storage of blood should be sufficient to continuously cool the blood to between 1-6 °C before reaching the processing laboratory. From the moment the blood is entered into the blood collection bag, it must be transported to the collection facility within 6 hours. During this time, the temperature needs to be slowly reduced to 1-6 ° C, and the temperature during transportation should also be maintained between 1-10 ° C, without any temperature rise and fall. In the blood collection facility, white blood cells are filtered and discarded, and then separated into red blood cells, plasma and platelets. The storage temperature must be 1-6 °C. Whole blood storage temperature is between 20-24 °C. For frozen storage, the temperature can be as low as -80 °C.
Fresh Fresh blood plasma separated from the blood of a donor is frozen and placed at -18 ° C or colder temperature for 6-8 hours depending on the type of anticoagulant.
During storage, the key is that the blood bag cannot leave the cold room for more than 30 minutes. If the blood bag is not used, it can be returned to the freezer in 30 minutes, then cycle again, and the blood bag can be taken out of the freezer for no more than 30 minutes. Technicians have no way of knowing how long the blood bag has been placed outside, and because of the lack of data records, many of the blood is wasted.
DeltaTRAK product use :
11062 Auto-cal Jumbo Display Digital Probe Thermometer automatic calibration large screen display laboratory electronic digital probe thermometer
Ÿ Laboratory thermometers are highly accurate and are widely used by research, laboratories, veterinarians and blood banks.
Ÿ It also has a large-screen LED dual-temperature display, which narrows the probe head with a diameter of 2.3 cm and is not damaging.
具备 Automatic calibration function. Because it is electronic, field calibration is usually not required. This innovative technology allows customers to accurately calibrate to 0°/32°F using ice water. The automatic calibration function allows the customer to accurately calibrate the thermometer to ensure accurate testing, which is an important feature of our products.
12207 Min/Max Alarm Digital Thermometer Maximum/ Minimum Alarm Digital Thermometer
Ÿ In the blood cold room, it is treated as an “alarm check” thermometer. The 12207 's maximum/minimum memory is also very meaningful, and its probe tip is not damaging.
12213 Certified Refrigerator/Freezer Alarm Thermometer certified refrigerator/ cold storage alarm maximum /minimum digital thermometer
Ÿ Detect the temperature of the blood as it is being transported or transported from one freezer to another in the facility. Since only the sensor is placed in the freezer, the temperature reading can be displayed on the outside.
不会 It is not affected by the frequent opening and closing of the refrigerator door, and the temperature is changed sharply up and down, and the temperature test is accurate.
内置 The built-in temperature sensor senses the room temperature; the external sensor is connected to a 3-meter long wire and sealed in a vial containing propylene glycol solution. The temperature of the propylene glycol liquid is roughly similar to that of liquids typically stored in refrigerators or liquids stored in laboratory cold storage. The operating temperature range is 14°F-22°F (-10°C-50°C). The external probe sensor has a test range of -58°F-158°F (-50°C-70°C).
51031 TempDot   Temperature label
Ÿ Can be attached to each blood bag. When the temperature at which the blood is placed outside the limit of 8 ° C, the color of the temperature label changes. This allows the operator to estimate the length of time the blood is placed outside the freezer. The higher the temperature, the faster the color changes and the longer it is exposed.
FlashLink Data Logger reuses FL lightning connection data logger
Ÿ Can be placed in the blood storage room to record and demonstrate changes in temperature at which the blood is exposed.
可选择 You can choose the simple built-in single temperature model 20200; or the external temperature LCD LCD data logger model 20261, 20268, 20269.
适合 Suitable for blood stations, hospital distribution centers to monitor transportation and refrigeration
Ÿ User-definable temperature recording interval and range
FlashLINK VU display real-time monitoring data logger are temperature sensitive instrument over a blood, blood plasma products storage and transportation of the recording environmental conditions in transit transport liquid.
Ÿ A large, easy-to-read LCD display that provides instant temperature information and statistics, including upper and lower temperature limits during travel, cumulative time over temperature, maximum temperature, minimum temperature, and average temperature. Temperature data can be obtained without stopping or downloading the recorder.
Ÿ Even if the operator does not activate the data logger, its patented “ Shadow Record® ” function ensures historical temperature data acquisition.
一次性 One-time use, exquisite design and easy to use;
包装 The outer box of the package is bright yellow, helping the receiving party to find the data recorder in the pile quickly.
打印 Print data using a graphic printer, or download data from a Flash PDF software to a personal computer
容易 Easy to transfer via email or other data sharing method
桌面 desktop and / or online hosted data storage
Ÿ Provide post-transport calibration certificate to help resolve disputes
可选择 Optional transportation time 5 days, 15 days, 45 days, 75 days model
Shadow Log " Shadow Record ": Patented design of the one-time use ColdTRAK data logger
Ÿ With the first four years of experience as a supplier of transport temperature recorders, we found a common problem that the shipper would forget to start the data meter from the moment the goods were shipped. In order to eliminate this problem, our patented design " shadow record " records began to be recorded continuously at the time of production. Even if the user forgets to start the transport temperature recorder , no data will be lost. You can still get the data in transit by querying "Black Box Memory Storage". Human error can't stop FlashLink -CT; FlashLink VU data meter .
Waterproof Infrared Thermometer waterproof infrared thermometer
Ÿ Model 15036 , low-cost waterproof infrared thermometer, in line with UL , the new standard 2333 of the insurance company 's accuracy, cleanability , range FOV, temperature range proposed by the Underwriters Laboratories .
Ÿ As a very practical “fast scan detection tool”, the infrared thermometer can quickly test the surface temperature of a large number of samples. However, the user must be made aware that IR only tests the surface temperature and correlates the surface temperature of the object being measured with the internal temperature. IR is a fast and convenient tool for detecting large numbers of objects. If a potential problem is discovered, it still needs to be confirmed by a contact type thermometer. The areas where IR is used are: processing, storage, transportation and receiving areas.
Ÿ Model 15006-40 ˚ C (with laser light guide), is the first to test the low-temperature refrigerated foods, waterproof infrared thermometer (to waterproof standard IP67) in the world. It can be rinsed and cleaned with water. Professionally designed for food quality testing, with alarm settings, up to 99 points of temperature data memory features. The distance coefficient (FOV) is 15:1.
LCD Environment Temperature Recorder LCD Electronic Temperature Recorder
记录 Record and display temperature simultaneously
体积 Small size, battery powered, reusable
Ÿ Digital reading, permanent recording
Ÿ With 3 days, 10 days, 31 days, 62 days recording period
适合 Suitable for blood stations, hospital distribution centers and refrigerated warehouses
Ÿ Professional design for monitoring refrigerated trucks
14010 Electronic Circular Chart Temperature Recorder model 14010 electronic circular chart recorder
It is a reliable time and temperature recorder.
Ÿ 4 kinds of paper feeding speed: 6 hours, 24 hours, 7 days and 31 days. The three temperature ranges are: -40 ° C ~ -1 ° C, -30 ° C ~ 10 ° C and 10 ° C ~ 49 ° C, respectively for use in frozen, refrigerated and ambient air environments.
Ÿ An external stainless steel probe is used to measure the temperature of air, gas, liquid and semi-solids.
Ÿ °F or °C dual temperature mode. With 8 AA alkaline batteries, it provides continuous recording within 48 hours after a temporary power outage.
Ÿ The LED screen shows the current temperature. The chart provides a record. Charts and styluses are easy to replace.
FlashLink Wireless System wireless temperature and humidity real-time alarm monitoring system
Ÿ Features: Wireless communication, multi-channel (up to 100 points), monitoring, recording and alarm devices. Control of temperature and humidity for static installations.
Ÿ Monitor and record temperature and humidity in large facilities such as food processing or storage areas. From the central control room, up to 100 areas can be monitored simultaneously, and temperature and humidity are recorded every 1 to 60 minutes, depending on the user's requirements.
记录 Recorded data can be downloaded to a personal computer or a manual printer. Alarms can be connected to bells, lights, or automated telephone dialers. The most popular features of this system: you can alert the alarm status by phone, email, and microphone. Telephone alarm, you can call 5 people in a row until one of them hears the phone. And the system automatically records the dialed phone number.
Ÿ This system software complies with the rules of the FDA regulated industry. The software provides detailed data, analyzes it, finds the cause of the problem, and helps solve the problem.
之一 One of the requirements of HACCP : document the temperature control of the refrigeration equipment. This wireless control alarm system makes this easy.

Vacuum Pump-typed Milking Machine is composed of vacuum pump, electric motor, pulsator, milk tube, milking cup group and milking bucket. According to the number of barrels used, Vacuum pump-typed Mobile Milking Machine can be divided into two categories: Single-barrel Type and Double –barrel Type. For the movable operation, being convenient and flexible, and without space constraints, it`s suitable for all kinds of dairy farms and individual households.

Based on the origina model, and by combining with the practical needs of our customers, our company developed this product after the research and design by experts. It has advantages as below: features unique design, easy operation, easy maintenance, stable vacuum stable, low noise, stable pulsating frequency, small vacuum fluctuations, and soft milking front and rear in turn for the protective effect so that can increase the yield, what`s more, only one operator is requested for the machine operation and maintenance.

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