Five alternative pesticides that ban pesticides

For a long time, five kinds of highly toxic and high-residue pesticides, such as methamidophos, which are used by vegetable farmers, have been banned in the technical regulations of pollution-free vegetable production. Here we introduce five alternative pesticides that are banned from pesticides and achieve the same control effect.

1. Methamidophos is a broad-spectrum insecticide. It was previously used to killing various types of pests. However, it is highly toxic and has a residue period of more than 30 days. It often causes human and animal poisoning. It is the principal banned pesticide in the production of pollution-free vegetables. .

For pesticides such as Pieris rapae, Plutella xylostella, and soybean meal, there are two types of pesticides for lepidopteran pests: one-time biological pesticides, such as moth locusts, centuries-killing, Tao Xiaoling, and farmland music; the second is the use of compound pesticides. The common mix is ​​dichlorvos + BT, dichlorvos + kung fu and so on. Use should pay attention to: 1, in the low-age pest control spraying, the effect is good; 2, rotation of various types of pesticides, more use of biological pesticides to prevent pests produce resistance; 3, pesticides are now more contact with the role, should choose Pests had the best effect of spraying during the foraging period. Many peapods climbed out of the beans in the morning from 6:00 to 8:00. At this time, the effect of pesticide spraying was the best.

For the yellow scoop-jump, Huang Shougua and other migrating insect pests have dichlorvos, farmland music, phoxim and so on. Use should pay attention to: 1, a large area at the same time good control effect; 2, a lot of yellow scoop leaps, in addition to spray control, but also should be used to kill the underground larvae irrigated; 3, interval 5 days to 7 days, continuous control 2 to 3 times.

Locusts and whitefly pests are relatively easy to kill, and they can be promptly controlled by plutonium, dichlorvos and other agents.

Second, dicofol was previously mainly used to kill red spiders, mites and so on. The alternative pesticides include insect glycosides, insect fleas, and ephedrine, which have significant effects after use.

Third, omethoate was previously used mainly to kill melons such as fleas, alternative pesticides are fleas, dimethoate and so on.

4. Carbofuran was previously mainly applied to the soil to kill nematodes and other soil pests. Alternative pesticides include Miller, Enkeson and others. In addition, the same effect can be achieved by using methods such as turning the soil and applying lime.

5. Methyl 1605 was previously widely used to kill various types of vegetable pests, such as the leafhopper, alternative pesticides and methods of use similar to methamidophos.

Vegetable production should strictly abide by the pollution-free operating procedures and prohibit the use of high-toxicity, high-residue pesticides. For pesticides that are allowed to be used, they must also strictly abide by the safety period regulations. By increasing the level of pesticide application, it can meet the requirements of pollution-free vegetables and achieve high yield and quality.

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