Israel develops electronic nose and simple breathing to detect cancer

Release date: 2010-08-17

According to a report by the Singapore Morning Post on the 12th, Israeli scientists have developed an "electronic nose" that allows patients with lung, breast, bowel and prostate cancer to be diagnosed by a simple breath test.
The team found that the sensor that detects chemical changes not only identifies the breathing of healthy and malignant patients, but also identifies the four common tumors.
While more work is needed to refine this testing technology, initial success has given hope to developing an early cancer diagnostic technology that is cheap, easy to use, and portable.
Kuto said at the Israel Institute of Technology: "If large-scale trials can confirm the results of early research, respiratory testing will become a convenient means of early cancer diagnosis, just like imaging."
Ku Teng and colleagues performed breath tests on 177 people, including healthy people and patients with different cancers, to detect the different chemicals emitted by the surface of cancer cells as they grew.
Their research was published in the British journal Cancer. The Institute discovered last year that sensors made from gold nanoparticles can detect lung cancer through breath tests.

(Source: China News Network)

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