Can yoghurt heat drink?

Yogurt is best not heated. The suitable temperature for drinking yoghurt should be between 10-12°C. This temperature can guarantee the good flavor and mouthfeel of yoghurt and ensure that the nutrients of yoghurt can be fully absorbed without being damaged.

Yogurt is made from high-quality fresh milk as raw material, added with active lactic acid bacteria after fermentation, and has certain nutritional and health care functions. This is because the active lactic acid bacteria can regulate the balance of the intestinal flora, and after adding fresh lactic acid bacteria to the fresh milk, the nutrients such as protein, fat, and lactose can be partially decomposed and easily absorbed by the body. Heated yoghurt will kill active lactic acid bacteria, and the milk will separate and lose some of its original nutrients.

Dr. Lv Jiaping stressed that some elderly people or patients may not be able to drink directly because they are afraid of cold, but they may be warmed by warm water. However, the temperature must not exceed 60°C and the yogurt can be heated to 45-50°C.

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