High pH value in water is not conducive to the growth of white shrimp

Recently, Wang Huilai of Caojing Township in Dongtai City reported that there are many mosses and aquatic plants in the pond and the transparency of the water body is relatively large. At present, the pH value of the water body is about 9.6, and it is prepared to stock the white shrimp of South America. He asked: I don’t know whether the current water conditions are in accordance with The growth of Penaeus vannamei? What should I do?

Penaeus vannamei is suitable for growth in weakly alkaline waters. The suitable pH range for growth is 7.7~8.8. The pH value of the most suitable water for growth is about 8.2. The current pH value of pond water is up to about 9.6, and the pH of pond water is too high. It is easy to increase the toxicity of ammonia nitrogen in the water body, promote the secretion of a large amount of mucus, and affect the respiration. This water body is not suitable for the normal growth of P. vannamei.

The reporter contacted Song Changtai, director of the Yancheng District Aquatic Technology Promotion Station in Yancheng City. Song Changtai said that the phenomenon of high pH in pond waters is relatively rare, and it is common in saline-alkaline ponds in coastal areas. Since many ponds in coastal areas are themselves saline-alkaline ponds, plus some basic disinfectants, such as quicklime, are commonly used to disinfect ponds, resulting in higher pH values ​​in the water. Generally, farmers in the coastal saline-alkaline ponds usually use some acidic disinfectants, such as chlorine dioxide and sodium dichloroisocyanurate. When the pH value of the pond water body is too high, some phosphate fertilizer may be applied in the pond. On the one hand, the pond water body is fertilized and the transparency of the pond water body is reduced. On the other hand, the phosphate fertilizer is an acidic fertilizer and can reduce the pH value of the pond water. In addition, some biological agents such as Bacillus sp., EM fluid, etc. may also be splashed in the pond to establish a beneficial aquatic bio-biodiversity system to regulate pond water quality.

Pond water pH is too high, there are many commonly used adjustment methods, such as: add new water, and appropriate water change; Quanchi 2 ~ 3 kg / acre, you can also apply some sodium dihydrogen phosphate and calcium chloride; Application of zeolite powder, talcum powder adjustment, generally 1 ~ 2 kg / acre; application of some alkaloids, acetic acid direct regulation, generally 500 ml / acre; the use of complex copper or inorganic copper to control the over-rich water and zooplankton over-proliferation, etc. .

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