Agricultural Machinery Maintenance "Small Tips" to Deal with "Big Problems"

Remove cylinder liner. Install the cylinder liner, if the temperature is low, the water blocking ring is easy to break. Before installation, the brittle water stop ring can be first soaked in warm water of about 60°C for 5 minutes, and the installation is not easy to break after removal. When removing the old cylinder liner, use the old old piston pin to install the old piston of the machine. Install one or two old piston rings on the old piston. Use a small 6.5 mm steel bar to hook the old piston pin against the piston. Into the cylinder, when the piston ring exceeds the lower edge of the cylinder liner, it will automatically pop up and get stuck in the cylinder liner. At this time, the small steel bar is wound on the wooden stick, and then the wooden rod is lifted to raise the liner. Remove it.

Install rolling bearings. When installing the rolling bearing, directly hitting with a hammer can easily deform the bearing and affect its service life. The simple installation method is: Select a 600-watt light bulb and turn on the power supply to heat the bearing to be installed. The heating time is 5 to 10 minutes. The heating temperature is maintained at about 110°C. Do not exceed 120°C. Mounted on the shaft.

Repair the clutch pedal. After the tractor clutch pedals are flattened, the foot slides easily when the pedal is pressed, making it easier to slip in rainy days. If a suitable length of rebar is welded on both the upper and the lower side of the pedal, the rebar plane will be 5 mm above the pedal plane so that it will not slip when used.

Treatment of tires leaks slowly. Remove the tire valve core, put out the inner tube air, take two tablespoons of talcum powder, make a funnel with cardboard, and insert talcum powder into the inner tube. Then fill the valve core with sufficient gas, talcum powder in the tire was diffusely attached to the inner wall, you can block the small air leakage.

Remove dirt from the fine filter. The dirt and dirt in the rotor oil filter cannot be easily removed. If a layer of paper is applied to the inner wall of the rotor with butter, and the soil is attached to the paper, the paper can be removed and the soil can be completely removed.

Check the parts cracks. Put the parts into the kerosene, remove them over a period of time, dry the surface and sprinkle with a layer of white powder, then tap the parts with a small hammer. If there is a crack, the kerosene that has been immersed in the cracks will Cracks ooze out and cracks appear on the white powder.

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