Cucumber "four high and four low" seedling new method

Cucumber adopts the “four highs and four lows” new seedling raising method, which can make the seedlings robust, strong stress resistance, low guarana, melon yards dense, the morning city 7-10 days, increase production by 30%. 1, high temperature soaking, cryogenic storage species. Cucumber seeds were first immersed in warm water at 13°C for 4 hours, then removed and put into cloth bags, and stored overnight in a refrigerator at 5°C. On the second day, remove and rinse with cold water. After the water is air-dried, put the bag into the basin for use. 2, high temperature germination, low temperature refining. The seeds in the pot were germinated at a high temperature of 30-50°C, and all sprouted in 24 hours. After 2 hours, the buds arched and cooled to 20°C for 20 hours. 3, high temperature seedling, low temperature seedlings. Maintain 40°C at room temperature before sowing, and pour boiling water on the clay. When the soil temperature reaches 40°C, sow the seeds that have germinated. After 24-36 hours at a high temperature of 40[deg.] C. and a soil temperature of 30[deg.] C., the seedlings can all be soiled. After the seedlings buried the soil, the room temperature was lowered to 20°C and the seedlings were allowed to stand for 2 days. 4, slow-warming high temperature, low temperature hardening seedlings. After the seedlings were transplanted, the room temperature was maintained at 30-35°C and the soil temperature was maintained at 30°C. After easing the seedlings, keep at 25°C during the day and 13-15°C during the night. 10-15 days before planting, the seedlings were grown at low temperature. The temperature dropped to 17-20°C during the day and 8-9°C at night.

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fresh ginger 1


Product Name


Place of origin

Anqiu, Shandong, China


Fresh Ginger, air Dried Ginger


50g,100g,150g,200g,250g, 300g,350g and up.




30lb/plastic box,10kg/plastic box

20kg/mesh bag

8,10,15,20kg/ctn with PE bag inner


20-24mts per 40fcl.

Exporting standard:

Clean, Round Ginger, no rotten, no black mould, not broken

Supply period:

All year round.




1 x 40' RH

Shipment Port:

Qingdao Port ,China

Delivery time

7-10 days after the deposit

Fresh Ginger 50G And Up

Fresh Ginger 50G And Up,Organic Fresh Ginger,Fresh Fat Ginger,Dried Ginger

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