Autumn fruit trees are well-managed

Fruits from autumn to the beginning of winter are mainly fruit development and fully mature harvest period, and it is also a critical period for fruit nutrient accumulation and flower bud differentiation. Strengthening management during this period can increase the output of the year, promote flower bud differentiation, and increase the cold resistance of fruit trees. Clever dressing: chase after the first-time fast-acting phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, each tree 1 ~ 1.5 kg, in order to increase production and lay the foundation for flower bud differentiation next year. Time is in late August. Diligent spray fertilizer: spray 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate two or three times every 10 days in September to promote the growth of new shoots, increase fruit coloration and increase sugar content. After the fruit is harvested in mid-to-late September, 0.5% urea solution or 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate is sprayed twice every 10 days to prevent the leaves from falling off prematurely and extend the leaf growth period. 20 to 40 ppm of naphthaleneacetic acid or sodium naphthaleneacetate was sprayed twice consecutively 20 days prior to harvest. Prevent pests: First, artificially remove anthrax fruit. An orchard with bitter pit disease, which sprays 0.5% to 1% of calcium chloride 3 times in a row every 3 days. The spray speed kills 1000 times of the liquid and 50% of the bacteria kills 800 times. It controls apple fruit borer and fruit trees. Aphid, early deciduous fruit trees, etc. The second is to continue to prevent rot disease. Rehabilitation agents or rot essential extracts can be used. Thirdly, Daqingyeye sprayed 40% of omethoate 1000 times in the orchard, which was seriously damaged, and burned or buried the diseased leaves and diseased branches centrally. Shi Qiu Fei: After the fruit is harvested, adopt a method of ring groove or digging deep. Apply 150 kg of farmyard fertilizer to each result tree and mix it with 1 to 1.5 kg of N, P and K fertilizers. position. Autumn fertilization combined with irrigation, time is set in the middle of October. Turn the tree tray: In the new shoots of fruit trees, stop the growth and carry out autumn ploughing. After autumn ploughing, we must break up the lumps of soil, and the depth of autumn ploughing should be 20-30 cm. The time is appropriate in early October. Irrigation water: Irrigation water mainly protects the root from frost damage and reduces the occurrence of pumping. Irrigation water must be filled with water, and the depth should be less than 1 meter. The time should be carried out in late October. Scraping the old skin: after the tree enters dormancy, remove the old skin, pay attention to moderation, do not injure the shoots, scrape off the overwintering pests of the larvae of the leaf roller moth hidden in the old skin and the adult spider mites, etc., and scrape off the old skin residue. Burned together, time is in early November. Dry white; in the winter before the advent of the main trunk of fruit trees, the specific method is to prepare a good whitening agent brush evenly on the trunk of fruit trees, the height of the general branch to the main branch. Soil protection against cold: Fruit trees in cold areas need to be protected from the cold. For 1-2 year old saplings, the saplings can be overwhelmed. Be careful not to break the trunk. Time is in early November.

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