Meat smashing machine is efficient and safe

According to relevant data, the global frozen food market is increasing year by year. In 2017, the global frozen food market has reached hundreds of billions of dollars. Among them, the frozen fish gill products are favored by the market because of their nutrient-rich and convenient consumption, and their annual compound growth rate is close to 9%, which is higher than that of frozen meat. The appearance of the meat-harvesting machine makes the thorns efficient and safe, and solves the problems of low efficiency of traditional manual operation and secondary pollution.

The surimi product is processed by washing, mixing, collecting meat, dehydrating, mincing, smashing, forming, quick freezing, etc., which can be used for raw materials in food processing industry or as hot pot. , Mala Tang, Chuanchuan, Dongzhuo shop, night stalls and other ingredients, the application is very extensive. It is understood that the industrial production of surimi products originated in Japan, and with the rapid development of China's fisheries and processing technology and equipment, surimi products have also flourished in terms of product types, product structure and processing equipment.

In the past, the production of surimi products was single, and many processes were manually operated, such as washing, kneading, and separation of flesh and meat. Not only required a large amount of labor, but also low production efficiency and high cost, and the safety, hygiene and quality of surimi products were also worrying. . Nowadays, the production of surimi products has basically achieved mechanization and automation, effectively solving the secondary pollution caused by traditional manual operations, and the variety of surimi products is becoming more and more abundant, such as squid balls, fish balls, fish cakes, fish rolls. , fish sausages, fish sausages, etc., to meet the diverse needs of market consumers.

The author has learned that at present, the fish body has been automatically processed by using cutting machine, descaling machine, washing machine, chopping machine, meat harvesting machine and other processing equipment, which greatly improves the efficiency of fish body treatment, saving time and effort. In fact, the separation of fish bones is both technical and physical, and the workers are not physically strong. Long-term work will inevitably lead to incomplete removal of fish bones and affect food safety. However, the good news is that the appearance of the drum type meat picker eliminates the safety hazard caused by manual picking.

According to a manufacturer, the drum type meat harvester mainly uses rolling and transmission to make the fish body squeeze each other to separate the fish bone, fish skin, fish ribs and fish meat, thereby obtaining the raw materials of the fish carp products, and other by-products. It can be further processed to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of raw materials, reduce labor costs and increase the added value of fish. It is worth noting that due to the length and size of the fish, small fish can directly collect meat, while large fish need to be cut and tailed, so that the fish collected is better.

It is reported that the meat picking machine introduced by enterprises in Zhucheng has the principle of rolling friction and is equipped with screw adjustment, with self-locking function, which can avoid loosening due to pressure when squeezing fish, which improves the efficiency of meat mining and thoroughly Remove the fish bones and ensure that the fish meets the needs of subsequent processing. In addition, the contact between the equipment and the fish is made of high-quality stainless steel, which meets the national food hygiene requirements. It solves the problem that ordinary meat miners are not qualified due to food contact materials, or long-term use, and debris caused by improper maintenance is mixed into the fish. The problem.

Undoubtedly, the meat harvester guarantees the safety and hygiene of the fish. However, because the fish meal products have high requirements on the taste, it is necessary to upgrade the processing technology to ensure the effect, and the development of the "frozen fish gill production technology" to avoid the fish gill protein. After rapid freezing and denaturation, it affects the taste of food, and also makes the fish that are easy to be corrupt and have low added value into high-quality, flexible and deep-processed foods. To a certain extent, it fills the defects of lack of high-grade products in domestic fish products, and caters to the market. Upgrade needs.

With the rapid development of China's surimi products industry, the market scale continues to expand, and the production of surimi products is gradually becoming mechanized and automated. Under the development opportunity of the current consumption upgrade, in order to enhance the competitiveness of products, enterprises must continue to carry out process and technology improvement. At the same time, the equipment manufacturing enterprises of surimi products also need to continue to strengthen the research and development of related equipment such as meat harvesting machines, and jointly promote the domestic fishing rod. Products enter the high-end market and improve market competitiveness.

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