Hawthorn candied fruit production method

The main ingredients are hawthorn and white sugar.
Equipment appliances pan, stainless steel, terrazzo, non-toxic hard plastic panels.
The preparation method is to select the large, round, non-rot, haziness-free hawthorn, wash and then go to the core, and use bamboo sticks to wear strings for spare use. Loquat: Usually 1 kg of water and 2 kg of sugar are used. Slowly simmering and simmering into syrup can pull the silk. At this time, the stalks of the squash will be sipped with the syrup. Immediately, the smashed squash will be placed on a water-stained plate. When the sugar is cooled, the sugar on the stalks will be brittle and even and thick. Golden and transparent.
Process selection → Washing → Nucleus → Bamboo string → Sugar → Sugar → Cooling → Finished product.

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