Dehydrated vegetable dryer maximizes product nutrition

The dehydrated vegetable dryer can satisfy the dry and large-scale continuous production of vegetable materials such as roots, stems and leaves, strips, lumps, granules and large granules, while retaining the nutrients and colors of the products to the utmost extent. Typical dry materials are: garlic slices, pumpkin, carrots, konjac, yam, bamboo shoots, horseradish, onions, apples, etc. When the dryer is working, the cold air is heated by the heat exchanger, and the scientific air circulation is adopted to make the hot air flow through the dried material on the bed surface for uniform heat exchange, and the hot air flow in each unit of the body acts as a circulation fan. The hot air circulation is performed, and finally the air of low temperature and high humidity is discharged, and the entire drying process is completed smoothly and efficiently.

The contents of the multi-layer inverting drying box are dehydrated and dried by layer by layer, and finally the wet air is directly drained from the top layer, and the contact time between the wet wind and the object is extremely short (less than 5 seconds), completely avoiding the contact time between the wet wind and the article. The long-standing "沤" phenomenon ensures the color of the item. The dehydrated vegetable dryer is developed according to the principle of Chinese herbal medicines. It dehydrates and dries traditional Chinese medicines and dried fruits, and other drying equipments are unparalleled. The concept and production process are advanced and the degree of automation is high. In the dryer temperature, fan, moisture, walking speed, drying time, all with PLC control, reduce labor, increase production, and bake products stable.

The internal design of the dehydrated vegetable dryer is a heat cycle wind, and the heat cycle wind can play the internal temperature of the dryer, and the air volume and the wind pressure are the same in all parts. The drying effect of the product is guaranteed. This design can also reuse the waste heat inside the dryer to greatly improve the thermal efficiency. The drying effect is excellent, the yield is 100%, and the dehydration is rapid, completely maintaining the original color and essence of the article. The drying box is a multi-layer structure, which is cycled over and dried layer by layer to maximize the artificial sun exposure under sunlight.

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