Spring apple cracker control

The main cause of rotten fruit disease is ringworm disease, followed by anthrax. The main disease condition of apple ringworm disease is rough bark, also known as rough skin disease. In severe cases, tumors appear, which mainly damage the branches and fruits of apple. When the victim suffers from damage, the sporozoites invade the fruit when the small lenticels do not heal. Because the spore bacteria have the characteristics of latent infection, the young fruit to be killed must reach the mature stage. With the increase of sugar content, the spore bacteria will begin to spread and spread. When the rotten fruit is formed, concentric rings will quickly spread to the surrounding area, and within a few days Fruit rot and sour smell. In general, in May, every time a rain falls, after a 120-day interval, it will be a bad apple in September. The spores of Physalospora spp. are generally stored on the diseased tissues and branches of fruit and they are overwintering. The infection is severe in April-June, mainly due to rain, fog, and wind. When the new shoots grow, the spores will follow the wind. Floating on the stems and leaves to survive, waiting for the opportunity to invade the fruit lurking. Therefore, the prevention of apple rotten fruit disease should start from the spring. Prevention and control measures should be physical and chemical control First, physical control is mainly to eradicate the source, scrape old skin, tumor and branch lesions, trim pests and branches, clear or buried outside the park to burn, to strengthen the soil, fertilizer, water Management, more mature organic fertilizer or fruit tree fertilizer, less chemical fertilizer. Before flowering, apply humic acid liquid fertilizer at a rate of 20 kg per acre to increase tree vigor and increase disease resistance. Second, chemical control Spray pruning promptly after 5 degrees of lime sulfur agent, in March the trunk smear 5% bacteria poisonous clear 800 times. Spray 20% phosphopropylphenol WB150 times plus 40% chlorpyrifos 2000 times before germination. After Xiehua, it usually sprays 3-4 times of medicine before bagging. For the first time, after 7-10 days of Xiehua, 80% of the protective fungicides were sprayed or M-45wp plus 1.8% of avermectin 7000 times, with 700 times of zinc-potassium-calcium-barium or calcium-boron double 600 Times, prevention of ringworm disease, red spot disease, black spot disease, spotted leaf disease, red spider and so on. The second time, 20 days after the application of flax, the systemic fungicide 50% carbendazim wp1000 times or 12.5 dilute oxazolol 2000 times plus 35% zetan 1500 times, with zinc, potassium, calcium, and treasure 700 times or calcium boron double supplement 600 times the control of cotton bollworm, Cornell powder, powdery mildew, rust and other diseases. The third time after the third flower spray 30 days after the spraying of fungicidal fungicides wp800 times or M-45wp800 plus doubloon 3 1500 times or Bacillus thuringiensis wp1000 times, control of red spider, leaf miner and so on. The fourth time before spraying the bagging, use the systemic fungicide import 70% thiophanate-methyl wp1000-fold or 15% multi-antimycin wp400-fold plus 90%-vaning SP2500 times to control cotton bollworm and red spider etc. . The four sprays, if not sprayed before rain, spray after the application of systemic and protective fungicides. The occurrence of anthrax is closely related to temperature, rainfall, and watering. Low depression, poor drainage, poor management, and rapid temperature increase after rain will all aggravate the occurrence of this disease, which is usually severe in August. The key to the prevention of anthrax in July-August, available 1:2:240 times Bordeaux mixture sprayed once every 15 days, a total of 3-4 sprays, can effectively control the occurrence of anthrax.

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