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Corn is a high-yielding crop and requires a large amount of fertilizer. It is necessary to apply proper fertilizer to meet the needs of corn for nutrients throughout the growing season. According to the test, 100 kg of corn kernels are produced, 2.5 kg of nitrogen are needed, 1 kg of phosphorus is needed, and 2.1 kg of potassium are needed. If the mu yields 500 kg of corn, the mu needs about 33 kg of urea, or 50 kg of ammonium nitrate, 31 kg of superphosphate and 13 kg of potassium sulfate. The three stages of corn growth require different proportions of fertilizers. The seedling stage accounts for 2% of the total required fertilizer, the panicle stage accounts for 85%, and the grain stage accounts for 13%. Maize from the jointing stage to the big time, is the peak period of fertilization, fertilization to do a reasonable fertilization, the base fertilizer, seed fertilizer, top dressing combination; nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer combination; agricultural fertilizer, chemical fertilizer, biological bacteria fertilizer combination. The base fertilizer should be applied. This is the basis, generally 2000 kg of organic fertilizer applied in Mushi, 7.5 kg of phosphorus pentoxide, and 5.5 kg of potassium fertilizer as base fertilizer. In the base fertilizer, seed fertilizer application level is not high, soil conditions are poor, planting late-maturing varieties of land, in the corn 6 to 7 leaf stage, top dressing, mu recovery urea about 15 kg, deep recovery of 15 cm or more, increase fertilizer Utilization rate; base fertilizer, seed fertilizer applied to a high level of land, mu recovery urea about 10 kg. Corn fertilizer should be carried out as early as possible. The first method is to top-dress fertilizers, and then to reclaim the top soil, topdressing fertilizers and hoeing soils. Second, use kiln pits to chase deeper than 15 cm. When top dressing, combine fertilizers and biological fertilizers to promote good root systems. Development, under normal circumstances, mu recovery urea 10 to 15 kg, plus 1 kg of biological bacteria, can promote early maturation of corn. At the heading stage of grain filling, 0.25 kg of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, 0.5 kg of urea, and 50 kg of water are used for foliar spraying to prevent baldness, lack of grain, increase production, and improve quality. Organic food corn, can not use fertilizer The best use of fermented organic fertilizer, as the base fertilizer, top dressing with cake fat, fertilizer effect is stable and lasting, the effect is better than chemical fertilizer, and long-lasting, but when top dressing, cake fertilizer and crop seedlings to maintain a proper distance, so as not to The heat generated during the fermentation of the cake fat burns the seedlings.

Perennial herb, hi cool, humid place, is a Ranunculaceae. Stalks rampant, coarse 3-7 mm, dense fibrous roots. Basal leaves 10-25 cm long, county long-handled; leaf blade herbaceous, 3-cleavage, all lobes shaved, central all-lobes rhombic Narrow ovate, up to 11 cm, long-pointed, pinnate, lobes Margin incised, with sharply small serrate, short veins along veins, abaxially glabrous, veins distinct, lateral lobes shorter, 6 cm long, 2-parted near base; stalk length 7-20 cm , Glabrous. Flowers small, yellowish green, about 1 cm in diameter. Its underground rhizome is upward branches, growing up several branches each year was chicken claw-like. Slow the cold, good leader.

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Chicken Claw Coptis

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