Sweet potato

The scientific name Emmelia trabealis Scopoli is Lepidoptera, Noctuidae. Synonyms Erastria trabealis (Scopoli); Alias ​​vigilantes, sweet potato Spodoptera. Distribution in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Henan, Xinjiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places.

The host sweet potato, field convolvulus.

Damaged young larvae eat the leaves into small holes, and they become nicks along the leaf margins after the third instar.

Morphological characteristics Adult body length 8-10mm, wingspan 19-22mm. Head, chest dark color, lower lip yellow, frontal, neck base yellowish-white, fin base and thoracodorsal light yellow lines; abdomen yellow-white, slightly brown on the back; fore wings yellow, after the middle chamber and hip veins There are 1 black bars extending to the outer horizontal line, the outer horizontal lines are dark gray and thick, the ring lines and kidney lines are black round spots, the front edge veins have 4 small dark spots, and the black bars at the top corner are the front ends of the subendlines. There is 1 black spot at the midrib z, 1 zigzag at the hip, white hair, and a black spot; the hind wings are smoked brown and the middle room has a small black spot. Egg-shaped head, stained yellow. The last instar larvae have a body length of 20-25mm, a slender body resembling a ruler, a light reddish-brown color, and a slight uplift of the eighth abdomen. The body color changes greatly and is divided into a head brownish green type, a head black type, and a head red type. The head brown type has a brownish-brown irregular net pattern, the frontal area is light green, and the body is blue-green. The back and sub-peritoneal lines have no obvious black pattern between the gas and the 1st and 1st lines. The back line and the Asian back line are not obvious. The brown-green color is yellowish-green in the valve line and dark lines in the middle.

Living habits 2 generations old, wintering in earthworms with earthworms, adulthood in the middle of July of the following year, spawning on the back of leaves of host shoots, egg production; newly hatched larvae are black, pattern is gradually obvious after the 3rd instar, larvae are very active .

See control methods for sweet potato leaves (3).

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