New Maize Variety--Liaodan 527

Liaodan 527 is a new corn variety with high quality, high yield, disease resistance and wide adaptability, which was selected as a parent for the maize research of Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Therefore, Liao 7980 is a female parent and Dan 598 is a male parent. In 2008, it passed national crop variety certification. Committee validation (review number: Guo Juyu 2008008).

The main characteristic features of seedling leaves are green and leaf sheaths are purple. There are 20 to 21 adult leaves, green leaves, purple leaves, plant height 292 cm, plant type semi-compact. Anthers yellow, glume green. The ear height is 129 cm and the filaments are red. The ear has a long tube shape, and the ear length is 19 cm. The number of grains per ear is 16 to 18 lines. The grain is yellow, long wedge-shaped, and the grain weight is 37.5 g. The cob is white. It takes 130 days from the emergence and maturation of the corn producing areas in northeast and north China, and it takes 114 days from the emergence and maturation in the southwest corn producing areas. According to the grain quality test results of the Ministry of Agriculture's Cereals and Products Quality Supervision, Inspection and Test Center, crude protein content was 9.7%, crude fat was 4.54%, crude starch was 74.01%, lysine was 0.29%, and grain bulk density was 728 g/L. It was rich in nutrients and quality. excellent. Two consecutive years of artificial inoculation by the Dandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Liaoning Province and the Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences have shown that this variety is highly resistant to stem rot, and also resistant to head smut, gray leaf spot, large leaf spot, sheath blight, and corn borer. Curvularia spp., etc.

Production performance From 2005 to 2006, they participated in regional trials and production trials of corn varieties in the northeast and north China regions. The average yield per acre for the two years was as high as 695.5 kg and 668 kg respectively, which was 8% and 5.5% higher than the control varieties respectively. During this period (2005-2006), it also participated in regional trials and production trials of corn varieties in the southwestern region. The average yield per mu was 597.1 kg and 598.7 kg respectively in the two years, which increased by 11.1% and 8.7% respectively compared to the control varieties. In all of the above tests, the variety showed good high yield and stable yield.

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