Bean Stumps with Herbicides

Candied field herbicides can be used, but we must pay attention to the selection of herbicides, the use of concentration, the angle of time, the use of methods, otherwise it can not reach the effect of weeding, and even produce phytotoxicity.

20% take net emulsion oil. For grassy weeds in the 2-5 leaf stage, use 67-100 ml of liquid per acre and add 40-50 liters of water to evenly spray weed stems and leaves. For the control of perennial grass weeds, the above dose can be increased by 30-50 ml.

15% of the finely stabilized EC or 35% stabilized EC. In the 2-3 leaf stage of weeds such as goosegrass, crabgrass, and valerian, 33-50 ml per acre, 66-80 ml in a 4-6 leaf stage, and 40-50 liters of water, evenly sprayed on weed stems leaf. Prevention of weeds perennial need to increase the amount to 100 ~ 150 ml.

10% wormwood emulsifiable concentrate or 3% konjac herb emulsifiable concentrate. In the 3-5 leaf stage of weeds such as goosegrass, crabgrass, barnyardgrass, and maidenweed, use 50-80 ml of 10% alfalfa per acre, or 30-60 ml per acre of 5% fine alum. To prevent perennial grass weeds, increase the dosage per mu to 100-130 ml.

12.5% ​​Gaixoneng EC or 10.8% Gaixueeng EC. In the 3-5 leaf stage of annual grass weeds, 12.5% ​​of herbicillin per acre or of 10.8% of high efficiency can cover 20-35 ml.

36% Soapweed EC. For annual grass-grass weeds at the 2-4 leaf stage, 36-percent mussels are used for 170-200 ml per mu. When spraying, the fog should be fine and spray as much as possible onto the weeds.

24% Huwei agent. Annual broadleaf 2-4 leaf stage, with 25% Huwei agent 67-100 ml per acre, add water 40-50 liters, evenly sprayed on weed stems and leaves. Adding 330 grams of urea can increase the weed control efficiency by 5%-10%. The safety of cowpea and edamame has no impact on the aftermath, but it has a certain impact on the live cabbage such as cabbage and vegetables and can be deep-drafted to reduce injury.

Pay attention to the fine mist of the sprayer in order to increase the efficacy of herbicides. If there is rain within 4 hours after the drug is applied, additional spraying is required. Do not spray on crop plants, especially when the seedlings are tender, to avoid phytotoxicity.

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