Corn chip processing technology and operation

1. Raw material selection: Choose yellow corn with no mildew, no worms, normal color and odor, and no less than 85% germination rate as raw material.
2. Peeling and lifting the embryo: After the raw corn is screened for impurity removal, put it in hot water at 90°C for 3-15 minutes to facilitate peeling. After peeling the embryos, the skin, powder and germ in the mixture are removed to obtain pure corn residue.
3. Soaking: Put the corn residue into the boiling water pot, and put in salt, pepper, and rice wrapped with gauze. The ratio is: corn residue: salt: pepper: large row = 150: 750: 40: 35. Pot 98-100 °C, soak 40-50 minutes. When the moisture content of corn residue reaches 35% - 45%, remove it.
4. Cooking: The corn residue was placed in a cooker and steamed under a pressure of 0.137 MPa for 90 minutes to make the corn translucent and the starch gelatinized and gelatinized.
5. Tableting: The corn slag is air-cooled before tableting to give it a granular, moisture content of 25%-30%. A horizontal two-roller tablet press was used to press the cooked corn residue into 0.2-0.4 mm corn flakes.
6. Drying: The corn chips are fed into a food oven, the inlet temperature is 120°C, the intermediate temperature is 160°C, and the outlet temperature is 200°C. After 8 minutes of baking, the moisture content of corn flakes dropped below 10%. The baked corn flakes were quickly cooled to room temperature.
7. Packing: After drying and cooling the corn chips, some of them can be directly put into food plastic bags, sealed tightly, and the finished products can be put into storage or sold; another part is fried in oil at 200°C. To reach the expansion, the color is slightly yellow-brown, and then packed with food plastic bags according to certain specifications.

Classification of testing reagents on the market:

1. Nucleic acid detection reagents((2019-nCoV) Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit) are medical reagents, with high accuracy and high price. The throat takes liquid samples for testing. It takes 2 hours to produce the results. It requires professional equipment. The professionalism is high. The compliance rate is 97%. Degrees of preservation, dry ice transportation! Suitable for hospitals, government agencies!

2. Antibody Detection Reagents(COVID-19 IgM/IgGAntibody Detection Kit) are civilian detection reagents that need instrumental assistance. The accuracy is average. The blood test can produce results in 15-30 minutes. It is fast and simple, and the price is low (about 8.5 US dollars). It is shipped at room temperature! Suitable for civilian use

3. Colloidal gold,test kits(Colloidal Gold COVID-19 IgM/IgG Detection Kit), civil reagents, blood tests, pregnancy test papers, no instruments required, fast results in 5 minutes, a few minutes, 8 US dollars each! Normal temperature transportation.

Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit

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