Diagnosis and treatment of a case of hens suffering from gout

A farmer raised 2,000 Hyland hens and had an egg production rate of 50% at 150 days of age, but the increase was slow and the feed intake was low. Some chickens showed lice and death. A few days ago, the farmer took the affected chickens to our veterinary station for treatment.

According to the farmers, the full-price feed was given to the birds before 120 days of age, and the birds showed normal performance. Later, due to some raw materials in the family, they began to make their own ingredients. In order to improve the quality of feed, some more crickets were added. Since feeding from the ingredients, the feed intake of chickens is low, diarrhea, feces are gray, and the rate of egg production rises slowly. Since chickens rarely die or die, they are not seriously involved. In the end, the chickens were paralyzed and died. They came to the veterinary clinic for treatment.

The diseased chickens are generally normal in spirit, have large amounts of drinking water, are excremented in faeces, are indifferent to spirits, have pale crowns, are wasted, pull lime-like loose stools, swell and inflamed joints, and eventually die of exhaustion. The dead chickens were dissected and the kidneys were found to be swollen and pale, with large amounts of urate, with thicker ureters and some with stones.

According to the farmers' situation and clinical symptoms, it was confirmed that chicken gout disease.

Symptomatic treatment, reduce the protein content of feed. Switch to full-rate feeds or reduce the amount of protein from the ingredients to reduce the burden on the kidneys and properly control the ratio of calcium to phosphorus in the feed.

Add Xiezhi Kang to the feed, add 0.5% of feed, once a day, both effective for enteritis, but also reduce water swelling, regulate water and electrolyte balance, and promote urate metabolism. At the same time, 0.2% baking soda was added to the feed for 4 days. After 3 days of rest, one more course of treatment was used.

Another addition of instant water in the drinking water 21 - Jin Wei him, add vitamin E, cod liver oil, to supplement long-term diarrhea and loss of vitamins, increase resistance, and promote the body to recover.

After two courses of medication, except for more than 30 serious deaths, the large population returned to normal, no more paralysis and dead chickens occurred, and the egg production rate began to rise.

Chicken gout is a protein metabolism disorder. The cause of the disease is the disorder of protein metabolism, which produces a large amount of urate in the body. These urate precipitates in the joints, viscera and other tissues, and eventually cause disease. Specific to this case, it was mainly due to the high protein content in the self-made feed and the improper proportion of calcium and phosphorus.

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