Leguminos erectum

Scientific name Macdunnoughia crassisigna (Warren) is a Lepidoptera, Noctuidae. Distributed in the northeast, north, east, northwest and Tibet. Located in Tibet is the silver instar armyworm subspecies of Tibet.

Hosts such as soybeans, carrots, burdock, chrysanthemum and other asteraceae.

The larvae attack the larvae into nicks or holes.

Morphological characteristics Adult body length 15-16mm, wingspan 32mm, head and chest gray yellow brown, brown belly. Forewing gray-brown, horseshoe-shaped silver spots and silver dots are connected into a groove, the silver bar-shaped fat is more fat, kidney-shaped lines with l silver vertical side, sub-line fine serrated, brown wings. The last instar larvae are 30-34mm in length, with small heads, yellowish-green, and grayish-brown spots on both sides. The backline, Asian backline, valve line, and ventral line are yellow-white, and the valve line is particularly obvious. Each section was yellowish-white, with white hairs, valve sifting white, and a gray gas trap. The abdomen was raised on the back of section 8 of the abdomen. The ninth and tenth sections were narrowed and the chest was tan.

Life habits in Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Hebei, the second generation, the winter larvae, larvae in June-September, in Jilin in late June larvae infestation of Compositae plants and soybeans, in mid-July mature larvae in the leaves between the leaves It forms a pale yellow thin cocoon and phlegm, and it emerges as an adult in early August.

For control methods, see Spodoptera litura.

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