Introducing six varieties of cabbage cultivated over the summer

1 summer green dress. Introduced from Korea, Ye Cui is green and oval, and leaves are blister-shaped. The leaves are thin and semi-erect. They are more disease-resistant, heat-resistant, cold-tolerant, and convulsive. It can be planted in late July, planted in late August and harvested in mid-October. Every 667 square meters of output 1000 to 2000 kg.

2 The United States is growing fast. Introduced in the United States, the plants grow densely, the leaves are wrinkled, the leaves are wavy, the leaves are green and the taste is excellent. 45 days of growth, resistance to leaf scorch disease, wide adaptability, strong cold resistance, and annual production. It is the main variety cultivated in summer.

3 red sail purple lettuce. Introduced from the United States, the plants are large, loose leaves, and the leaves are wrinkled and beautiful in color. The red color is gradually deepened at the time of harvest. Hi light, not easy to convulsions, heat resistance, early maturation, from sowing to harvest about 45 days, suitable for cultivation over the summer, yield 1500 to 2000 kg per 667 square meters.

4 Salinas. Introduced from the United States, it is a medium-early-maturing variety, which is more resistant to heat, late bolting, resistance to downy mildew and top scaldosis. There are few outer leaves, inner joints, dark green leaves and small nicks on the leaf margins. The ball is spherical, light green and firm. The single ball weighs about 500 grams and has a good appearance and good quality. Mature period, more resistant to transport. Can adapt to summer cultivation, from planting to harvest about 50 days. Planting spacing is 30 cm square, planting more than 7000 plants per 667 square meters.

5 Italian lettuce. Introduced from Italy, it has good properties of good purity, beautiful plant shape, crisp taste, good quality, and has the advantages of heat resistance, cold resistance, and anti-convulsions. It can be cultivated throughout the year, grows normally in hot summers, is of good quality, has no bitterness, has a long harvest time, and has a high yield. The output per 667 square meters is 2,000 kg or more. Antibacterial nuclear diseases, leaf scorch disease, and the rainy season are also not easily rot.

6 Olympia. Introduced from Japan, it is highly heat-resistant and extremely convulsive. The leaves of the outer leaves of the plants are light green, smaller and less, and the leaf edges are more nicked. The pale green leaves of the leaves are yellow and compact. The single ball weighs 400 to 500 grams and is of crisp quality and good taste. The growth period is 65-70 days, suitable for late spring, early summer, summer and early autumn. Sowing period from April to July, the harvest period is from mid-June to October. The plant spacing is 25 cm square and the yield is 3,000-4,000 kg per 667 square meters.

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