Responsible measures for breeding sows

40% of the causes of death from piglets that lack milk are the lack of milk in sows. Common causes include sows suffering from mastitis, breast edema, etc. According to the findings of anatomy, the occurrence of lactation in sows has edema in the breast tissue. Breast edema is an inevitable physiological phenomenon of sows. If you do not pay attention to it, it will often turn into mastitis, which leads to lack of milk. Bacterial and viral infections should pay attention to the disinfection of the laboratories. Solution: Eliminate breast edema fluid, adjust breast lactation function, promote normal lactation function.

The difficult-to-produce sows have been pregnant for 114 days because of dystocia. To raise money to raise pigs, we must reduce this unnecessary loss.

Cause: The last out of a litter of pigs died from suffocation. The reason was that the umbilical cord of the piglet had been broken when it was not discharged. If the sow was anaemia, tired or unable to contract, the piglets could not be discharged in time. The piglet was in 5 minutes. Inside will die because of suffocation. Heat stress, anemia or disease are also common causes. The prevention method is to increase the amount of sow nutrition and prevent anemia; add excellent organic iron to the sow diet to increase the contractility of the sow's abdomen; reduce heat stress and reduce the content of crude fiber in the feed; pay attention to the delivery room Disinfection.

The vaccinated sow has been vaccinated. The piglet is still affected. Is the vaccine ineffective? The friends of the pigs must all know that it is very difficult to feed piglets that do not eat colostrum. This is because the newly born pigs have poor self-protection ability. They must obtain antibodies from the sow’s milk in order to resist pathogens in the environment. Therefore, if the sow lacks milk and has little milk or poor milk quality, even if the sow has been vaccinated, the pig is still squatting and still has a bristles. Therefore, it is not unreasonable why sows with high lactation ability are able to “bring piglets”. Therefore, sows must increase feed nutrient content before they are born, and adjust breast lactation function to prevent breast edema.

Breeding and mating do not match the sow's estrus, but it is not always good enough. Most people encounter this problem most likely to think of metritis or vaginitis, but in fact there is a potential and neglected factor --- mycotoxins. The mycotoxin (F-2 toxin) acts like an estrogen, so the sow will have estrus, but when the sow's estrogen is too high, the sow cannot get pregnant and will not be able to keep it.

Causes of hoof hooves: The soft foot shut the sow on a slippery floor, causing strain on the foot and causing bone anomalies. When the sow has good lactation capacity or increased milk production, if there is no additional supplemental calcium and phosphorus, it will cause foot disease. Arthritis, which is caused by bacterial infections, must be disinfected on the ground to reduce the incidence. Hoof cracking, hoof cracking occurs because of the rough floor of the pig house, mainly due to the lack of biotin. And pigs lacking biotin are prone to bruising.

Anorexia improves sows anorexia. To prevent sows from developing breast edema, to avoid sow infection after delivery, and to reduce the sow's body temperature, using a drip device. Improve the environment, reduce ammonia and temperature. Reduce the amount of crude fiber in the sow's feed (eg bran) to reduce food intake. Use small meals and multiple meals and use wet materials. Increase the palatability of sow feeds.

Oestrus without estrus can cause sows to lose their estrus. When the prolamine content in the sow is high, the amount of estrus can not be increased. When the sow's milk is very low, the body will secrete more prolactin to stimulate the secretion of milk, so that after weaning, the estrus will be delayed or not obvious, sows with good milking ability, as long as nutritional supplements properly On the contrary, sows that are poorer in lactation are more susceptible to heat. Sometimes body fat is not enough. If the sow loses too much weight during lactation (for example, if the lactation level increases and the nutrient concentration does not increase), the sows will lose their milk and cause heat loss. Therefore, the calorific value should be increased. .

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