The problems that should be noticed during the growth of pepper

pay attention:

1. Drying: When the seedling height is more than 60 cm after planting, it should be dried in time, and the height should be 50--60 cm. It is appropriate to cut the branches obliquely and leave enough buds under the cutting edge. Cut off the weak branches and lateral branches 30-40 cm above the ground.

2. Top-dressing: peppers are usually fruited for 2 years after planting and 3--4 years for fruit-filling. The initial fruit trees each apply 5–10 kg of farmland fertilizer, and 0.3 kg of superphosphate. Each fruit tree of the fruiting period has 20–40 kg of applied fertilizer and 1–2 kg of superphosphate. In addition, 0.5% urea aqueous solution should be sprayed once at the end of March in one year of growth; 0.5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate aqueous solution should be sprayed once at the full flowering period in June, and 0.5% urea solution should be sprayed once at the fruiting period. The United States applied 800 times solution once, and 0.5% urea solution added 0.5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate once.

3, watering: pepper 1 year should pay attention to before germination, after fruit set, after the fall if the drought should be poured 1 times water.

4. Pruning: Each year, the branches of the main branches and lateral branches should be short-cut, and the density should be weak and strong, so that the branches within the canopy are robust, balanced, and air-permeable.

5. Pest control and common disease at the seedling stage are rust, which is sprayed with 25% triadimefon 600 times during the onset. Insect pests in adult plants include: Flea larvae damage Zanthoxylum bungeanum leaves, spraying 3000 times with deltamethrin in the spray; scraping away the old skins on the trunk and big branches during the leafy pruning, and then spraying the trees 50--80 times the liquid of Soolibal.

6, harvest processing. When the fruit is completely bright red, and it is shiny and shiny. After harvesting, it was exposed to strong sunlight for 2 to 3 hours. When the peppers were all cracked, the fruit was lightly tapped with fine bamboo picks to separate the seeds from the peel, and the seeds and peel were separated by a sieve.

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