Science Management Technology Before Pear Picking

1 Harvest: Harvested varieties such as balsam, 20th century, August crisp, Cuifu pear, Xingshui, red perfume, and other late-maturing varieties are ready for harvesting.

2 Open the saplings of the young tree branches and take the branches. As a result, the branches and top branches of the trees are suspended, and nitrogen fertilizers and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are applied. The early-maturing varieties Shiji Fei, 6-10 years old trees 150-200 kilograms per tree; full fruit tree, 200-300 kilograms per plant. Bordeaux fluid is no longer used before harvesting to avoid contaminating the fruit surface.

3Pest and disease control: In the middle and middle of the whole year, the whole garden is sprayed with new high-fat film or 20.67% Wanxing Emulsion 2000 times (or 50% Ethylene WP 600 times) +2.5% Bao Emulsion 2000 times (or 52.25%) Emulsion 1500 times liquid) +10% imidacloprid wettable powder 2500 times, control peach borer, pear yellow mealybug, blackfly whitefly, pear black spot, black spot disease, ringworm disease, anthrax, etc., pay special attention to this The third critical period for the treatment of bagged pear yellow mealybugs and whitefly mealies should continue to be consolidated. In the middle and late the whole garden is sprayed with a new high-fat film or a 75% killer dry suspension agent 800 times solution (or 50% carbendazim wettable powder 600 times solution) + 52.25% farmland emulsion 1500 times solution + 20% bellazone suspension 6000 times liquid agent, control pear borer, peach borer, pear yellowfly, caterpillars, pear black spot, black spot disease, ringworm disease, anthrax and so on. This period is the last time that the Chinese pear variety was sprayed with Borreaux fluid to bind the grass around the trunk, which induces P. edulis to spend the winter here, and burns off the grass before it leaves. (China Plant Protection Network: Li Ruifeng)

 Seasoning Powder and cube is a kind of compound seasoning, was made with strict process and contain ingredients of meat extract, MSG and salt etc. Bouillon cube and seasonings condiments are with characters of delicious taste and rich in nutrition ingredients,It can enhance the flavor of dishes, soup and other food,it is in line with the international trends of compound seasoning development.

Seasoning Cube and Powder

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