Occurrence and Control of Brown Rot of Zucchini


The pathogenic bacteria invade young fruit and invade many of the peduncles, thus spreading to whole guars. Diseased melon outside brown, rapid soft rot, humidity, diseased parts of melons grow white Jin Mao, which can be seen faintly in the top of M. villosa gray to black head. Finally, the young rots are all rotted, commonly known as "fruit rot" and "rotten egg." In a few cases, mature fruits can also be browned locally and soften and rot. The stalk and petiole were immersed brown soft rot.


1. Select soaking seeds and use anti-disease and coated seeds. Uncoated seeds should be sterilized with seed dressing agent or seed soaking agent. When soaking, soaking in warm water of 55°C for 15 minutes, strengthen the ventilation and disperse moisture. Greenhouses can be cultivated during the summer period, the sheds are filled with water, the ground is covered with a plastic film, covered for several days, and sterilized by high temperature.

2. Proper planting in time to remove diseased vines, diseased leaves, and diseased plants, and bring them out of the field and burn them out. And pay attention to more than two years of rotation with non-melon crops.

3, irrigation and moisture-proof sorghum film cultivation, reasonable irrigation, timely release after irrigation. Prevention of flooding in flooding leads to excessive humidity in the protected area.

4, picking the sick flowers and young fruits after the fruit set up timely removal of residual flowers, see the fruit after the removal of deep processing. When the flowers, stems, and petioles of the squash were affected, the residual flowers were removed in time, and 50 times of the scavengers could be applied to the diseased parts. The results were very good.

5, chemical control First, the soil covered with soya after sowing, spray insecticide before transplanting a sterilizer. The second is to use 70% mancozeb WP 500 times, 50% acetaminophen 1000 times or 77% WP 400 times for spray control, 45% chlorothalonil can be used for protection Use 200 to 250 grams of smoke per acre.

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