"First aid hemostasis patch" to fill the gap in the field of trauma first aid hemostasis

Release date: 2009-07-07

The first-aid hemostatic patch with original intellectual property rights produced by Yangling Yuying Bio-Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. broke through the bottleneck of the international emergency treatment of arterial injury and hemostasis in the field outside the hospital (in the absence of medical facilities) To create conditions for human life first aid.

According to reports, during the war, more than 80% of casualties were lost due to traumatic blood loss; in peacetime, a large amount of blood loss caused by trauma caused by natural disasters, accidents and disasters is also the main cause of disability and death. In recent years, research on new medical hemostatic products, especially hemostatic products suitable for field first aid, is becoming a new hot spot at home and abroad. At present, the representative hemostatic products in the world mainly include the hemostatic granules of Z-Medica Company of the United States and the chitosan hemostatic bandage of Hemcon and the dry fibrin smear. There are similar products in China, but for various reasons, the effects are not satisfactory. At present, new products in this field are relatively scarce at home and abroad.

"First aid hemostasis patch" fills the gap in the field of international traumatic first aid hemostasis. The human clinical trials conducted by the National New Drug Research and Development Base of the School of Medicine of Xi'an Jiaotong University and the Department of Trauma Surgery designated by the State Food and Drug Administration, Peking University People's Hospital and the Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University show that the first aid hemostasis can be quickly and safely Effectively control bleeding caused by trauma of arteries and veins caused by trauma and diffuse bleeding (stopping for 3-5 minutes). Greatly reduce the mortality caused by trauma accidents, and bring the gospel to human life first aid. The product was awarded the Class III Medical Device Registration Certificate by the State Food and Drug Administration on December 26, 2008, and became the only external hemostatic product in China that has undergone drug and medical joint examination. Sea Medical Device Industry Association


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