Pepper winter pruning is very important

Pruning in winter is a good time for pruning pepper. When pruning, it is necessary to cut off “seven branches”, namely, leggy branches, dry branches, disease and insect branches, over dense branches, cross branches, overlapping branches, and delicate branches. The cut branches are then burned to destroy the wintering pests and germs on the branches.

Scrape the rough skin in the cracks of the pepper tree parasitic many eggs overwinter, parasitic trunk Mulberry white. The rough and fluid spots that have been scraped off are burned together, and then the protective agent is rubbed. Then, the mud is covered to cover the wound and the germs and eggs can be eliminated. Taking this approach also has the effect of rejuvenating the tree.

The white and white coating of the trunk can reduce the frost damage and delay the sprouting and flowering of the pepper tree, so that the pepper tree is protected from the harm of spring frost. In addition, it also kills hidden overwintering eggs and germs in the bark.

Spraying pesticides on some bacteria and worm eggs, except wintering on litter and weeds, can also parasitize wintering at tree shrews and other parts. Therefore, insecticides are sprayed once before germination. At the same time, other trees around the garden should be sprayed to prevent the spread of pests and diseases.

Some of the pathogens and eggs of the pepper trees of the Qingjiaoyuan Park were parasitized on dead leaves and rot. In the winter, you can clean up the debris in the garden before turning the garden and concentrate on it to eliminate overwintering germs and eggs.

Fertilization under the canopy of prickly ash uses ring-shaped, radial, strip-shaped fertilization method, applied to farmyard manure, phosphate fertilizer, and potash fertilizer, and appropriate application of some nitrogen fertilizer.

Using the natural condition of low-temperature and drought in winter, the overturned prickly berry garden turns the wintering pests out of the soil and freezes them to death or is fed by birds. The depth of the garden should be 20-25 cm. It is good to advance in soil freezing. Not only can over-the-counter pests be eliminated, but also physical and chemical properties of the soil can be improved, soil structure can be improved, and the ability to maintain water and moisture in winter can be improved.

Watering in winter to pour pepper once a winter water, can play a safe and safe winter and increase nutrition, improve the body's resistance to the role.

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