How to buy plastic film

At present, there are many kinds of mulch on the market, and the quality is also mixed. When farmers buy mulches, they mostly do not have the bottom. Recently, the reporter deliberately came to Shouguang City Health Market to see if there was a road to buy film on the Shouguang City.

First, choose according to regulations. The country has strict regulations on the thickness of plastic film. The thickness of plastic film is 0.014mm, the thickness of microfilm is 0.008mm, and the thickness of ultrafine film is 0.005mm. Recently, the national standard has strictly prohibited the use of plastic film below 0.008mm. Micro-film is forbidden to use, so the first consideration in this regard is the problem of white pollution, because the price of too-thin film is reduced, but it will cause serious white pollution. After laying on the surface, small pieces of debris will form under the irradiation of sunlight. In this case, it will not be easy to recycle, resulting in the residue of the field. When it is cultivated, it will be buried in the ground and it will be difficult to remove. Late vegetable production.

Second, repeatedly try to film. Good mulch, horizontal and vertical pull force is better, cut a small strip of plastic film, stretching can be 2-3 times longer, still will not break. The poor quality of the plastic film is brittle, and it is easy to produce cracks or even pull off during the stretching process. The quality of the film is good. In the cold winter, the softness is still maintained. In general, the film is hardened, and there is a white mark when it is slightly folded. When the film with good heat insulation is stretched, it will turn white in the place where it is pulled, and if it is repeatedly pulled, it will be transparent, indicating high heat preservation. Generally, the film will not have such effect. The farmers may wish to try it at the time of purchase. .

In addition, we make a hole in hand. If the hole is round and there are rough edges, it means that the longitudinal and lateral tension of the film is the same. If the hole in the hole is flat, or a hole is torn in one direction, the quality of the film will not work. . Then roll up the plastic film and pinch it again from beginning to end. Look at the tightness of the whole roll. If the degree of tightness of the whole roll film is consistent, it means that the roll film is relatively uniform in thickness, and the pull force is even when covered.

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