Fur animal "red eye" disease

Morbid animal

At the end of the growth period until the winter wool period is very fast or very large cubs, as well as during the breeding period, individual huge beasts. Most of them are original foxes and modified foxes. In recent years, it has also occurred in otters and scorpions.

External performance

The diseased animals have normal performances in terms of spirit, appetite, etc., but their eyes are red, tears, and long eyes. It was normal to eat food the night before, but the next day it was found dead in the cage.

Anatomical lesions

Most of the internal organs are normal, but the liver is swollen and the color darkens (some are black or dark in color, and there are only a few dark patches). The gallbladder is swollen and filled with bile. A small amount of kidney enlargement.


Experts in Finland consider it an infectious disease, which is common in Finland. Many people in China consider it a viral infectious disease. However, it has been proved by a large amount of feed analysis and visits in production practice and through hundreds of treatment experiences that it is due to the high protein quantity and the poor quality of the protein (amino acid imbalance).

According to the theory of five elements of traditional Chinese medicine, the eyes and the liver are each other. The lesion on the eye is actually the external manifestation of liver disease. Therefore, the treatment of eye diseases by using cod liver oil, vitamin A supplements, etc. cannot effectively treat the disease.

By analyzing the feeds in our farmers' homes where this disease occurs, we found that the amount of protein in the feed was too high and the amino acid balance was poor. Proteins cannot be used effectively and fully. Excess protein is converted into other components through the liver. Plus, the ratio between protein and energy in feed is improper. Some proteins are converted into energy through the liver, at the end of the growth period and winter. The hair period, thus, greatly aggravated the negative liver. According to the traditional practice, people gradually increase the amount of high-protein raw materials such as fish, fish meal, and chicken racks. The growth rate of fast-growing and overburdened livers of animals with a large body size is relatively low, and immunity is relatively low, so this is the first The peak of the onset.

At the time of breeding, due to the increase of a large amount of animal raw materials, the morbidity of animals with huge physique increased again.


1)Reduce the feed raw material with high protein content in feed, or pay attention to adjust the balance of amino acids, improve the quality of protein, and supplement the feed raw materials with lower protein (such as wheat bran, corn, rice bran, sweet potato, etc.) from the source Solve the problem.

2) The special eye-protecting and liver-protective products produced by the special specialties are extracted through special processing using special plants, all of which have obvious effects. Take remedial measures from the affected organs.

3) The eye uses "eye drops" or a small amount of cod liver oil to assist in the treatment of surface phenomena.


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