The chickens and rabbits are in the same patient

In a book, the author saw the article “The chickens and rabbits were raised in cages and prevented disease and saved materials.” That is, some farmers used three-dimensional culture to save space. Chicken cages were set above the rabbit rings, and chicken droppings were scattered on rabbits. Within the circle, rabbits pick up chicken dung to eat. This formulation is lack of scientific basis. According to the author's understanding, chickens and rabbits in the cage will spread the following communicable diseases.

First, suffering from rickets. 1After the onset of the disease, chickens pass through the scales of chicken legs and chicken feet, drill into the skin, dig tunnels, feed on the skin tissue cells and lymph, develop and reproduce in tunnels, and the exudates in the lesions dry to white lime. Hard dry skin, commonly known as "lime feet." The chickens continued to lick their legs and deformed their legs so that they could walk hard and limp. 2 If rabbits come into contact with "lime feet" diseased chickens, they will be infected with rickets. First of all, from the feet of the rabbit's feet (also from the inner ear first), itching is unbearable, the rabbit is not quiet for a moment, does not disable the mouth and bite the foot, and even the rabbit's hair in the claws of the feet; or with the ankle Grasp your mouth and nose.

Second, a total of Pasteurellosis. Chickens are more prone to cholera, and when a chicken farm (or village) is prevalent, Pasteurella that enhances its virulence can make healthy chickens sick. Diseased chicken excrement contains a large number of highly virulent Pasteurella, when the rabbit comes into contact with it, it can be infected and cause epidemic. The same acute septicemia and chronic sporadic death occurred in the rabbits.

Third, a total of coccidiosis. Both chickens and rabbits have severe coccidiosis, and most adult chickens and rabbits have large amounts of coccidia eggs in their feces. Chickens and young rabbits may be exposed to these feces and become infected. This may increase the likelihood of epidemics of coccidiosis. Sex. 1 After suffering from coccidiosis, the chicken was apathetic, had rough feathers, bloody feces, and was emaciated and died. 2 The chicken feces contain tens of thousands of coccidial oocysts, which develop into spore-forming oocysts in 3 to 5 days in the wet and wet season. The young rabbits swallow the sporulated oocysts and are infected. Insect disease. The sick rabbit insufflated the intestines, squatted, and died of anemia.

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