Orchard fertilizer tips

One, human fecal urine added superphosphate per kilogram of human fecal urine by adding 2.5 kilograms of superphosphate stir, can be very easily volatile ammonium carbonate in human excrement into a stable ammonium phosphate, thus preventing nitrogen loss, And increase the phosphorus in human excrement. Second, plant ash added superphosphate 3 kg of grass ash plus water 50 kg soaked for 6 hours, to the filtrate to be used; another to take 1 kg of superphosphate powder, add water, stir, let the natural precipitation, take the filtrate; then the two Mix the solution and add 50 kg of water to spray to obtain the same fertilizer effect as potassium dihydrogen phosphate. 3. Adding superphosphate to manure by adding 20% ​​superphosphate to the manure and stacking it for more than 2 days after mixing to prevent the loss of nitrogen in the manure, and to accelerate the decomposed process of the manure, increase the organic phosphorus content, and increase the fertilizer content. The efficacy of phosphorus. 4. Adding ammonium bicarbonate by stacking manure The crop stalks are cut into pieces, then 0.5% to 1% of ammonium bicarbonate is added, and the amount of human feces and urine is used for stacking. The mud is then used to cover and seal, and it becomes a highly efficient biopotash fertilizer after decomposed.

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