Seize the critical period of time to prevent the emergence of rice spikes

To seize the key period of prevention and control of rice, panicle rot, rice, panicle neck rot, commonly known as the old broken neck, once the endangerment of the epidemic, will cause significant reduction in rice production or harvest. Since the rice varieties planted in Yuanjiang County are generally less resistant to rice blast, the physiological races of the rice blast pathogens have a faster change, higher seed-borne rates, stronger virulence, and better climate. Although this year, Miao and Yunnan have been lighter, but according to weather forecast, July and August, the rain is relatively high, continuous rainy weather is very favorable for the epidemic of rice blast, for this reason, all localities should attach great importance, especially in the altitude and semi-alpine areas, It is necessary to step up publicity efforts and seize the two key prevention and control periods during the early and full-earth period of breaks to organize pharmacy-pharmaceutical countermeasures and mobilize the general public to seize the large-scale prevention and control of panicle-rice disease on a sunny day to minimize the incidence of rice blast. Loss. First, the focus of prevention and control a common area of ​​rice blast disease. 2. Varieties with greater epidemic risk: such as Zhongzhongyou 78, Gangyou 827, Jinyou 725, Yueyou 938, Qyou 1, Shanyou 15, Huxiang 958, Gangyou 26, Shanyou 600, Yixiang 3003, West Nongyou 30, Q You 108, etc. Second, the prevention and control strategy 1, a common area of ​​rice blast, a comprehensive prevention. 2. In low-altitude areas, select and control the species with greater prevalence risk. Third, the prevention and control technology 1, break the mu with 75% tricyclazole 30 grams prevention. 2. 100 ml of 40% rice bran, 100 ml or 20% of Fuji No.1 during full heading. The above formula is watered with 90-120 kg of conventional spray.

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